Dwarf Bulborb

“Although similar in appearance to bulborbs, these belong to a totally different species.”

Olimar’s Voyage Log

The most plentiful species on the planet, they are quite ferocious despite their appearance, using their massive jaws to swallow Pikmin whole. Frontal assaults result in disaster; attacks from behind are more successful. Attacking their legs is also effective.

Credits Reel

Although similar in appearance to bulborbs, these belong to a totally different species.

Olimar’s notes

Although initially identified as a juvenile red bulborb, groundbreaking new research indicates that this creature is in fact a member of the breadbug family. A close relative of the vanilla breadbug, it escapes predation through mimicry. Unique adaptation of the red bulborb’s crimson coloration allows the species to safely commingle. Such effective adaptation and obfuscation by a prey species is rare, indicating this clever creature is a master of mimicry.

Louie’s notes

For a blissful bisque, mince the entire beast finely and stir in with heavy cream, artichoke hearts, and a pinch of black pepper. Heat slowly until piping hot. Mmmmm… Rich and creamy!

Alph’s comments

Structural flaw: back
Weight: 3
Despite its compact form, it has a Brittany-sized appetite. You can avoid getting swarmed by drawing them out one by one to be dealt with.

It’s big enough to ride, if only we could tame one. Imagine exploring an alien world from atop its native fauna! Sure beats having to walk everywhere.

They say to pick on someone your own size, and for these creatures, that’s us. Someday, it’ll grow to be as big and bloodthirsty as its adult relatives. Why does everything have to get meaner as it ages? Why can’t they get cuter?